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Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Study of Technique in Lamination (EPS -Extruded Poly-Styrene..."Styrofoam")

With this study I stumbled upon a technique which slices layers - giving up vital measurements - with just one command, the extrude button.
Here is the piece with the corners removed.
Additional edges trimmed away and colored.
Integral part situated in front of a "Slicer". Think of one of those potato slicing machines from the Sixties. The rectangle has regularly spaced bars that when intersected with the object deliniate where it passed through the model.
And there they are, measurements approximating where the shape will end up after adding Bondo.

Revisiting Sphere In Cube

I am going to try a model off this design at four feet.
My intent will be to make a negative mould carving foam layup with a rotary tool that is set in one swivelling position, from which I will make a casting.

Potentially I could create an assemblage out of that to form this at 8 x 8 x 8'.

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