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Budding Sculptor at 56, chiefly interested in mold-making and casting, with particular interest in geometric abstraction, industrial technology, vis a vis solar power and re-chargable batteries that could power kinetic sculpture and illuminate LCD screens.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lighting and Sizing Discoveries

In drawing smaller models I am discovering certain qualities in texture in presentation and lighting work better. I have also decided to present a drawing of a sculpture I want to construct that was once formerly trimmed into a neat geometric cube into something with all the trimmings still left on.

This object, once presented as something perhaps 10' square I now present as someting two inches square. The notion of it's true size is illusory here.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Working Smaller - An Obnoxious Keychain Fob

I've decided to try working smaller, on the miniscule level in fact; just large enough to irritate anyone who would actually put this keychain fob in their pocket. This is something I can do without a hospitable studio with decent lighting, heat, and cooling, or a massive dust removal system. I mean, I do have a studio, but there is a reason why the landlord doesn't charge me anything for it. It's unusable for anything but storage.

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