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Monday, May 25, 2009

Armature For A One Gallon Egg

Going from the previous sketch diameters I constructed the armature for an egg that will hold one gallon of liquid when it is finished. Having tested the development of half I found that the foamboard was 9/16" thick, not 1/2". I redrew the development this morning and applied the new intersections of the radii to the egg countour, losing one full thickness after nine pieces.





This last photo illustrates how I converted a barstool into a sculpture stand.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Armature Development ~ One Gallon Container

After some thought I have decided to first develop an egg-shaped container that will conveniently hold one gallon of paint. I had to look up a volume formula for an ellipsoid and convert some measurements back and forth. I might go back to metric and refine things a bit. At this point I'm merely happy to develop an armature out of styro-foam that can be found in a home improvement store at 1/2" thick.
Illustrations follow which approximate the measurements I need:

004gallon egg basic armature

The basic armature.

002half inch layer gallon egg_short side

The short side.

003half inch layer gallon egg_long side

The long side.

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