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Monday, October 21, 2013

Back To the Three-Dimensional Weaving

Today I dabbled for a few hours back into the Icosahedron after becoming little more versed in manuvering things from practice managing components and groups while drawing a timber-frame home. Things went a lot faster.
This is where I left off, attempting to weave tubes over and under each other expanding the space between three units over a triangular face. This I dropped to attempt getting them to interlace on the edges of pentagonal faces.
The whole procedure arises out of creating an arc's path to travel over. I use the "follow" tool on google Sketchup for this.
At this I should have known the tautology of odd versus even in terms of weaving. The faces I am attempting to connect are five, and so one cannot close the circle with alternating two ups and three downs.
Above, the final size of the armature. This would put a sculpture at approximately five meters in diameter. I may yet scale it down for further study purposes.

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